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Previous Projects

Case Studies

Marketing, Leads, Messenger Bot

Booking more reservations for a restaurant

Generating leads for the restaurant client using a Messenger Bot.

● 4.7% conversion rate
● 98% open rate
● 96% CTR click-through rate

Generated qualified leads for just 97¢ a piece!

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Sales, eCommerce, Web, Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads for eCommerce

Canadian e-commerce specialized in vaporizers was interested in running ads to drive more traffic to their website and showcase their products to potential customers.

Our Digital Ads team built and managed a Facebook campaign with retargeting for 1 year. Facebook quickly became the main source of website traffic for this partner’s client. We also created a Facebook funnel to retarget the people who completed an add-to-cart action and drive more purchases.

Monthly Budget $ 600
Add to Cart 1,330
ROAS 2.62
Website Conv. Value  $7,770
Purchases 185
Average CPP $ 16.05

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Appointments, Marketing, Leads, FB Ads

The discount offer for a Dentist

Booking more appointments for a Dentist by creating a limited-time offer.

● 87 leads in 3 weeks
● 40%, 34 made an appointment
● 24 came into the office
● Closed 20 new customers
● The dentist made nearly $21,000.

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Real Estate, Buyer Leads

Buyer Leads For Real Estate Agent

A real state agent from USA (Georgia) wanted more buying leads for his properties.

● 70 Buyer leads under 1 week
● The total cost was under $200 for the 1 week
● $0.07 cents per post engagement and $2.85 per lead
● After the initial campaign, the client gets one house under the contract with a profit of $20,000.

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Leads, PPC, Facebook, Membership

First-time Visitors FREE Trial for a Yoga Studio

A yoga studio from Arizona wanted to promote its new studio & give away a limited time 2 weeks trial membership for first-time visitors.

– 93 leads
– Total ad spend $250
– Cost per lead: $2.70
– Upfront Sale: $1350
– Upsell (new customers subscribed for full classes) $3500

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