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With digital marketing continuously evolving, being on-trend and devising an adequate strategy that fits your business goals become a true challenge – the one you should leave to seasoned marketers and well-versed SEOs!

Boasting a considerable experience in the field of online digital marketing, we are positive we can be a trusted partner for improving your online presence and visibility, increasing your traffic, and maximizing conversions, all the while remaining loyal to our core values:

Goal orientation

We carefully monitor and measure your campaign's progress on a regular basis to ensure both your short and long-term goals are met.

Dedication to Your Success

We are genuinely enthusiastic about growing your target audience and improving your brand's equity to help you get more qualified leads.


Having 10+ years of digital marketing practice under our belt, we are able to deliver exceptional service to your brand.

Reasonable pricing plans

Our custom-priced packages will guarantee maximum return on investment to seamlessly get along with your budget.

Previous Projects

Our Case Studies

Content marketing & SEO

Better customer engagement and conversion rates

For SelectSpecs.com

A/B testing & PPC Advertising

Growing client network via PPC advertising

For Croud, a global digital agency.

Marketing strategy, PPC, SMM

Increasing online visibility and reaching more clients

For Business Mentor Greece.

Previous clients

Successful Projects

Marketing, Leads, Messenger Bot

Booking more reservations for a restaurant

Generating leads for the restaurant client using a Messenger Bot.

● 4.7% conversion rate
● 98% open rate
● 96% CTR click-through rate

Generated qualified leads for just 97¢ a piece!

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Sales, eCommerce, Web, Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads for eCommerce

Canadian e-commerce specialized in vaporizers was interested in running ads to drive more traffic to their website and showcase their products to potential customers.

Our Digital Ads team built and managed a Facebook campaign with retargeting for 1 year. Facebook quickly became the main source of website traffic for this partner’s client. We also created a Facebook funnel to retarget the people who completed an add-to-cart action and drive more purchases.

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Appointments, Marketing, Leads, FB Ads

The discount offer for a Dentist

Booking more appointments for a Dentist by creating a limited-time offer.

● 87 leads in 3 weeks
● 40%, 34 made an appointment
● 24 came into the office
● Closed 20 new customers
● The dentist made nearly $21,000.

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Real Estate, Buyer Leads

Buyer Leads For Real Estate Agent

A real state agent from USA (Georgia) wanted more buying leads for his properties.

● 70 Buyer leads under 1 week
● The total cost was under $200 for the 1 week
● $0.07 cents per post engagement and $2.85 per lead
● After the initial campaign, the client gets one house under the contract with a profit of $20,000.

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Leads, PPC, Facebook, Membership

First-time Visitors FREE Trial for a Yoga Studio

A yoga studio from Arizona wanted to promote its new studio & give away a limited time 2 weeks trial membership for first-time visitors.

– 93 leads
– Total ad spend $250
– Cost per lead: $2.70
– Upfront Sale: $1350
– Upsell (new customers subscribed for full classes) $3500

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your business growth

This could be your success story

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Our data-driven approach to digital marketing

We create scalable digital marketing solutions that cover every stage of your sales funnel and every milestone of your customer's journey. Every marketing plan and strategy we deliver is tailored to suit your business's specific requirements.
Paid Advertising Solution

Paid Advertising or PPC (Pay-Per-Click), offers maximum ROI in a short amount of time. We help you leverage various paid advertising options to optimize your conversions.

Social Media Management

We will lay the groundwork for your social media channels, develop a profile of your target audience, and help you figure out how to convert their likes into leads.

Competitive and Market Analysis

We help you identify how big your market is regarding revenue and number of players and where you stand in the marketplace via competitive analysis.

Digital Marketing Analysis

Being skilled digital marketing analysts, we are comfortable with writing data-driven reports to help you realize how to make your way up through the competition.

SEO Optimization

Are you struggling to optimize your website? We employ only up-to-date SEO white hat techniques to help you appear higher on Google and enjoy more traffic and more sales.

Growth Marketing

We optimize your growth by conducting A/B testing, cross-channel marketing strategies, and understanding everything about specific customer’s lifecycle stages.

Best Performance

We define your KPIs, and measure and compare your ROI against them. We use this data for further optimization and a cut above performance of your campaigns.

Content Marketing

We are focused on creating and distributing only high-quality content that is relevant to your target audience and showcases your unique value proposition.

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