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Here at the Konsultant team, we carefully listen to your feedback and always meet you halfway. We’re introducing a brand-new service – custom web development. We serve businesses of any scale and take tasks from project support to high-load e-commerce shops.

One-stop shop – it’s us.

Various skillset

We collaborate with experienced web developers who focus on particular technologies. No jack-of-all-trades here.

Responsibility for the work result

If you find any flaws in our work which were missed by our team - we will fix it for free. This is how we appreciate you and value our reputation.

Deep Expertise

All web development work will be executed with the control of seasoned web developers. The high quality of work is guaranteed

Long-term support

We never leave our clients withour support and advise. You can rely on us and handle the website after it’s completed to our team.

Feel free to contact us with any inquiry: probably, we’re just several months away from creating the second Google for you
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Web Application Development

As we’re highly client-oriented, our one and only mission is to deliver high-quality applications running on the technology that addresses your goals and needs the best. Let us dive deep into your business specifics and choose an appropriate technology stack.

There are different kinds of websites that we can develop for your business.

eCommerce website
Corporate website
Healthcare website
Retailer website
A vendor/partner portal

E-learning portal
Intranet portal
Feel free to contact us with any inquiry: probably, we’re just several months away from creating the second Google for you
Previous clients

Successful Projects

drupal 8, react, node.js

Web development for an influencer marketing agency

Our client – a team of marketing professionals who set sights on the Instagram promotion of brands, influencers, agencies, bloggers, and celebrities.

Their tactic is simple yet powerful: the celebrity partnership. With their help, now everyone who purchases a special campaign can get promoted on a celebrity’s Instagram and get real engaged followers!

The organic channels are already working well: the average CTR for keywords and phrases was 4,6% just after the launch. According to the HubSpot research, this number is higher than average for the Technology industry which is 2,38%.

Order a website on Drupal that is greatly optimized for SEO.

Psythx 1

Website development for the biopharmaceutical company

Three conditions were required to be met by this client: the website should be inexpensive, fast, and understandable for users. In this case, the easiest way was to go with the WordPress content management system.

We created a business card website for the biopharmaceutical company by using the maximum of WordPress out-of-the-box opportunities, the minimum of custom solutions, and an original design instead of a standard template.

Order a custom WordPress website

drupal 8

Website redesign, mobile version, and logo design for the solar systems installation company

Our client is a US-based company that installs grid-tied solar electric systems to houses and small businesses. They devote themselves to making Delaware and Maryland a greener place by offering an alternative to fossil fuel-based power production.

The main goal of the project was website redesign: the client needed to increase a conversion rate by leading a visitor directly to a contact form. Also, a new website structure was considered as one of the goals to accomplish.

Order a custom Development project


Isomorphic web application for the UK car scrapping company

Our client Scrapi holds one of the pillars of sustainability – Environmental Protection. It collects and recycles used and old cars. A user just needs to send a request on a website and the next moment the ballpark compensation for this car is calculated.

While the form is being filled out, the website requests the data about the car using the inserted vehicle registration number. With this information, the website calculates the amount of money the car owner can get after scrapping. If users agree to scrape the car for such a cost, the notification is sent to the CRM system accordingly and the company manager receives an email notification (and we hope – some joy because of the new deal).

drupal 7

Website development and design for a jewelry manufacturer

The client is a jewelry manufacturer which has 2000 different kinds of jewelry in the catalog.

We used the most flexible and awesome e-commerce engine – Drupal Commerce, which allows implementing any idea of the store owner. We implemented two types of a checkout mechanism for the dealers and the retail customers. The view of the checkout depends on a user’s role, for example, the dealers see more fields than the retailers and some other differences.

drupal 7

An online shopping comparison website: performance improvement, custom web development

First of all, we checked the code and found 9 functionally changed modules. We cleaned them so that we could do the upgrade and don’t break the whole website. The thing is, the last security updates were 2-3 years old.

Secondly, we refactored the import system and decreased the update time by 2 times – from 26-28 hours to 12-15 hours.

Since we’ve added more retailers feeds, CX (customer experience) was improved: now users can compare prices in more stores across the world: Americas, Europe, UK, Australia, Canada.

Thirdly, we optimized performance significantly. Google Insights used to show 1-2 out of 100 but now we’ve improved this number several times: it happened due to server optimization, CSS and JavaScript aggregation, implementing lazy load on heavy pages. Much more work is ahead, yet the website already responds and loads several times faster.


Exclusive website support for any budget

We always have time for you. Remember this moment: from now on, you don’t have to worry about website security and overall performance. Entrust your website to us - your technical support partner.
Support Essential


● Monthly Core Software & Security Updates – up to 4 hours
● Monthly Backups If hosted with ourselves – 1 hour
● SSL Certificate – 1 hour
● Two hours of website debugging per month*


Basic Support


● Monthly Core Software & Security Updates – up to 4 hours
● Two backups per month If hosted with ourselves
● SSL Certificate
● One hour of SEO maintenance per month (setting tracking tools, title tags, description tags, image tags, meta tags, broken links, tune the server files – .htaccess, robots.txt, sitemap.xml.)
● Two hours of text and image content changes
● Four hours of website debugging month*


Advanced Support


● Monthly Core Software & Security Updates – up to 4 hours
● Weekly backups If hosted with ourselves
● SSL Certificate
● Two hours of SEO maintenance per month (setting tracking tools, title tags, description tags, image tags, meta tags, broken links, tune the server files – .htaccess, robots.txt, sitemap.xml.)
● Four hours of text and image content changes
● Six hours of website debugging month*


Full Service web development Agency

Our workflow

We have a simplified workflow so working with us is easy, pleasant, and mutually beneficial. Let’s go over the typical stages of web app development.


At the kickoff meeting, the sales manager briefs you about your web application in general and your goals, requirements, budget and timeline restrictions in particular. Then the lead developer explores tech documentation, project aims, and requirements.

Wireframes and design

Wireframing minimizes the risks of sudden layout and functionality changes at later stages. Any web application development company would agree that elaborated design is 50% of success.

Web app development itself

Usually, it’s both back-end and front-end development. Sometimes, we can start front-end development almost simultaneously with the back end, so the project progresses much faster.

Testing, deployment and post-project support and maintenance

Our team is always at your service whenever you have a design or development request.

web development services

Our technologies

Drupal web development

Drupal is a popular Open Source CMS that is famous for its ready-made solutions and an intuitive content editing flow. Drupal is a perfect fit either for landing pages or corporate websites and for complex high-load systems

Symfony development

Symfony and Drupal are closely tight to each other as Symfony’s components are in the Drupal Core since Drupal 8. Symfony has reusable components that are used for common and repeated features: that let developers focus on custom functionality instead of routine work

React development

React is the most famous open-source JavaScript framework that has an increased speed of work and a high level of flexibility. React components are usually reused for creating mobile applications so it’s a perfect choice for a client who needs everything at once

Node.js development

Node.js is an environment for JavaScript code execution on a server and at the same time - a part of the infrastructure to develop applications with multiple concurrent processes on the server and instantaneous response to users’ actions in the browser. Use Node.js to build the next Amazon, Netflix, or PayPal.

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